Hotel Stary Krakow

Sandra & Tim [ from London, UK ]. Wedding at St Barbara-Kirche Church & reception at Hotel Stary, Krakow, Poland. The Hotel Stary is the marvellous reincarnation of a magnificent 15th Century Merchants House, right in the heart of Old Krakow. With 53 rooms offering the very highest standards of comfort, this 5-star luxury hotel has elegant interiors evoking a modern gothic atmosphere. Precious materials, luxurious leather, subtle decorations, exotic wood, oriental carpets, natural silk and the highest quality marble give Hotel Stary its unforgettable and unique ambiance. Hotel Stary is certainly Krakow’s most luxurious hotel, and one of the truly great hotels of Europe.

Sandra getting ready on a beautiful room in Hotel Stary in Krakow.

Mother and bride for last wedding preparation.

Modern wedding dress in Poland.

The bride and the make-up artist in Krakow.

Luxury suite at Hotel Stary in Krakow, Poland.

The mother of the bride.

Bride and mother dancing in the wedding room.

Getting wedding dress in Poland.

Wedding prayer just before the church by Manuel Meszarovits.

Front of Hotel Stary in Krakow.

Romantic wedding carriage photo in Poland.

First wedding entrance in church in Krakow.

First wedding look.

Wedding photography in St barbara Kirche church in Krakow.

Wedding ceremony in Poland.

Polish wedding photography.

Wedding photographer Krakow.

Interior of St Barbara Kirche church in Krakow.

Wedding celebration in Poland.

Wedding guests.

Wedding photography in Krakow.

Groom getting ring to bride in Krakow.

Picture wedding religious signature.

First wedding kiss at church after the ceremony.

Wedding photographer Poland.


Wiew of wedding church, St Barbara in Krakow

Wedding young girl.

Happy wedding couple picture exiting the church.

Wedding portrait Poland.

Krakow's central square with the Sukiennice (Cloth Hall) location in the Old Town, between Main Market Square and Krakow.

Bride Sandra and her new husband Tim arriving wedding reception.

Drinking a first champagne in an elegance champagne flutes.

About wedding and domination in a marriage.

Tender moments wedding photography.

Wedding photography group shoot in Krakow.

Wedding bouquet toss.

Wedding day cheers in wedding party.

Guests making a wedding speech at Hotel Stary in Krakow.

Fashion wedding guests.

Best man making wedding speech.

Happy bride during wedding party.

Wedding sister in law.

Wedding brother of groom.

First wedding dance at Hotel Stary of Krakow.

Wedding wish lanterns on Hotel Stary's terrasse.

Sandra and Tim cutting wedding cake.


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  1. Great pictures! I like to see how someone else looks at the place that I know every day. Welcome to Krakow 🙂

  2. Aga says:

    Beautiful place and amazing photographs! I also love the bride’s fur stole! Is there any way I can contact her to ask about it please? Thanks,

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